COVID 19 Updates

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

At Riverside Oral Surgery, we are eternally optimistic and hopeful – as we collectively begin the journey toward reopening our state and moving forward as a dental community. It has certainly been a challenging time for all of us, and we want you to know, it has been an honor and privilege to remain available as a trusted resource to you and our patients at a time of such uncertainty and global health concern.

Since opening our doors, it has been a primary focus to provide an exceptionally safe and sound environment for oral and maxillofacial patients, visitors, and anyone who passes through our doors; and that focus has enabled us to adapt, quickly and decisively, to the current demands of this environment.

Tuesday, May 26th 2020  is a promising date for all of us – as elective surgical procedures are permitted once again and we continue the path toward restoring our local dental community while adhering to trusted guidance from the state and Department of Health.

We want you to know, with full confidence – our offices and team members are fully prepared to resume all of your patients’ needs regarding oral and maxillofacial surgery. As you know, we have taken extensive measures to ensure patient safety and continue our promise of the optimal patient experience…each and every time.

As conditions are constantly shifting, we have taken enhanced safety measures and will continue to invest in any necessary modifications to remain a safe and reliable resource for you and your patients. Our latest COVID-19 policies and practices can be viewed here, and we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, as well, for the most up to date information we have to share @riversideoralsurgery

We are sincerely looking forward to better and brighter days ahead of us, but still want to take a moment to value the camaraderie and sense of community shared with you during these more quiet times. Our greatest strength has been our community – and that will remain today, tomorrow, and always.  We thank you for your unwavering loyalty, trust, and support – and know we are always here for you.

Stay safe!

Visit our Instagram and Facebook for the latest posts regarding COVID-19 updates, as well as the following information sites:

CDC’s Coronavirus site

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New Jersey’s COVID-19 Information Hub