Riverside Oral Surgery

My Vision. Our Promise.

Our Mission

To create an extraordinary oral and maxillofacial surgical practice that is regarded by patients, other healthcare professionals, and the community as one that exhibits honesty, integrity, and dependability throughout all facets of our work.

To establish state-of-the-art facilities, where my team and I can provide uncompromised services to our patients in the most technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive setting possible.

To have all of our patients respect, admire, and appreciate my team for our commitment to professional and personal excellence, and to be recognized as THE team in the dental community which provides the highest quality of care and service in a warm, caring, and comfortable atmosphere.

To foster and maintain a spirit of cooperation and consideration among our unified team of individuals who work in harmony with one another to help our patients receive optimal care in a pleasant and friendly setting.


To cultivate the optimal patient experience…each and every time.


Jason M. Auerbach, DDS

2022 Holiday Party

About Our Practice and The History

Over fifteen years ago, Riverside Oral Surgery was developed by our founder, Dr. Jason Auerbach, who quickly realized a fundamental need for an innovative approach to the traditional patient experience. Dr. Auerbach envisioned providing the highest quality care and service for conventionally unpleasant procedures for many patients. As the group has expanded to more locations, team members, and surgeons, that same approach is ubiquitously found in every aspect of the practice and is widely referred to as
“The Riverside Way.”

  • The Present
  • The Future

Today, Riverside Oral Surgery stands as an expansive group, but firmly remains a surgeon-owned and operated practice. We are a dedicated group of over a hundred team members, fifteen surgeons, and nine locations, unified in our commitment to the “optimal patient experience…each and every time.” We provide the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery which is rooted in our mission and executed by our surgical team in multiple locations across the state, offering greater convenience and accessibility to a wider network of patients.

Our practice is home to the most skilled and extensively trained medical professionals in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, including; Drs. Auerbach, Cho, Lynn, Brown, Falk, Freedberg, Gangoli, McMenamin, Michel, Patel, Perrino, Regenye, Richer, Rosenstock, and Vitale. Our surgeons are highly specialized in every Oral and Maxillofacial procedure, including implants, bone grafting, wisdom tooth extraction, craniofacial, pediatric, TMJ, cleft lip and palate, microvascular surgery, and more. As a perfect complement to our surgical experience, each Riverside location is independently designed by our surgeons and team members to guarantee optimal care in a world-class setting. We are continuously enhancing each of our offices with the latest technology and equipment, top infection control and prevention, and proudly meeting and exceeding state, local, and world health recommendations at all times.

Riverside Oral Surgery emerged from a single practice with a singular vision for a new approach to patients care oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dr. Auerbach believed in creating a surgical practice that is regarded by patients, healthcare professionals, and the community, for its “optimal patient experience…each and every time.” That vision has guided Riverside Oral Surgery through many successful moments and challenging times and will continue to do so for years to come. As the world changes around us, Riverside will continue the pursuit of the ideal patient experience, one advancement at a time. At every opportunity, we are looking toward the future and how we can deliver on our founding promise…and that is “The Riverside Way.”

Looking towards the future, we are dedicated to further advancements that will enhance our ability to serve our patients. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and technology ensures that we will consistently provide the most cutting-edge procedures and treatments. We will continue to seek opportunities to improve our services, streamline processes, and personalize treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient.

We are excited about the future and the opportunities it brings to continually enhance the patient experience, and we invite you to be a part of our journey towards optimal oral and maxillofacial care. Call us today at any of our convenient locations to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!