@Bloody Tooth Guy

⚠️ WARNING:⚠️The following contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers. Those viewers are nowhere to be found among BloodyToothGuy’s fanatical following of dental students, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the globe. What simply began with an oral surgeon’s new concept (and latest version of an iPhone) has turned into an educational movement and cultural phenomenon within the dental community.

@BloodyToothGuy logoBack in 2015, The “BloodyToothGuy”, known to most as Dr. Jason M. Auerbach, founder and managing partner of Riverside Oral Surgery, was scrolling through Instagram and noticed there were very few, if any, dental-focused accounts. He thought to himself “If people would watch popping pimples, why wouldn’t they want to see bloody teeth?” He started right then and there with zero followers, a couple of surgical instruments, and endless possibilities. Today, the account boasts over 175,000 Instagram followers, with numerous accolades, partnerships, and collaborations within dentistry and beyond.

Dr. Auerbach attributes his rapid success and organic growth to a highly focused and engaged set of followers. He explains, “It started out with people being curious, but it has morphed into education for dentists around the world.” BloodyToothGuy has captivated thousands of medical professionals with surgical video content, case discussions, and Q&A on dentistry and his life, in general. Aside from compelling images and videos, followers are especially drawn to him for his candid commentary, effortless style of teaching, and awe-inspiring lifestyle. Beyond this platform, many others have taken notice offline, as well. BloodyToothGuy has partnered with industry-leading providers, such as Crest, Sonic B, Straumann, and Zyris. He has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, 201 Magazine, and as a regular contributor to Incisal Edge Magazine. BloodyToothGuy has also guest-starred on countless podcasts and webinars, and was most recently named CourseKarma’s “Educator of the Year.” Additionally, fans of BloodyToothGuy can pay homage to the famed account by sporting the latest merch to turn heads, and not stomachs, for once.

bloody teethThere is no doubt, BloodyToothGuy’s influence spans far beyond likes and comments, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon at sensitive content warnings. He continues to give followers a chairside look into his life through spontaneous content when “it feels right.” This account, much like the spirit of his group practice, is perpetually on forefront of a changing industry and continues to evolve each day. BloodyToothGuy started with a single Instagram post and transformed that into a new and innovative way to educate dental professionals. There is no telling what is next for this oral surgeon turned social media star, but one thing is for sure, pulling teeth is “in his blood.”

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