Buccal Fat Removal

Women and men with full faces and plump cheeks often feel self-conscious about their “chipmunk cheeks” and wish they could slim down or contour their faces. One way to do this is through buccal fat removal, which removes the deep fat pads located on both sides of the face below the cheekbones. The results include a more chiseled jawline, more prominent-looking cheekbones, and less fullness, slimming your face. If you look too young or childlike and want a more mature look, buccal fat removal may also help.

Am I a Good Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

If you are in good health and have any of the following issues, you are a good candidate for buccal fat removal.

  • You do not like your “baby face”
  • You have chubby or “apple” cheeks
  • You would like to have a more chiseled or sophisticated appearance
  • Your face is heavy-looking

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

Results vary from person to person, but most patients see a striking difference in the contours of the lower half of their face after facial fat removal. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Reduction of cheek fullness
  • A more noticeable “V” shape of the lower face.
  • Heightened definition of the jawline and cheekbones
  • A slimmer face
  • Balanced facial features

Ready To Restore A More Youthful Appearance?

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What to Expect During Cheek Fat Removal Surgery

Your surgeon removes buccal fat through small incisions made inside the mouth near your molars. We perform the procedure under local anesthesia injected into both sides of the mouth to numb the area but can also offer sedation to minimize anxiety We then make the incisions and gently separate the muscles from the cheek fat pad and sculpt the fat to help achieve your ideal facial structure and aesthetic goals.

The fat pad is then returned to its original location, and the incision is closed. The procedure takes about a half-hour for both sides of the face. Our surgeons use their expertise and skill to remove just enough of the fat to prevent excess removal, which can result in a gaunt, sunken appearance as you grow older.

What Is Recovery Like After Facial Fat Removal?

The results of buccal fat removal are not immediately evident, as swelling and pain can last up to two weeks. There is usually no bruising. After ten days, the sutures in the mouth can be removed.

While you recover, a diet with non-acidic foods is recommended. Sleeping with your head elevated and rinsing your mouth frequently with an antiseptic mouthwash can help speed recovery. Within a few weeks, you will notice your cheeks are slimmer and more sculpted. However, it can take up to four months for residual swelling to subside.

Buccal Fat Removal FAQs

What can I eat after facial fat removal?

After surgery, you will be able to eat anything that would not irritate your gums. Patients usually avoid spicy or acidic foods for the first week.

Does cheek fat removal hurt?

During surgery, you will not feel any pain due to the anesthesia. When the anesthesia wears off, you will have some soreness and swelling. These can be controlled with over-the-counter medication and ice packs.

Will I have scars?

You will not have any visible scars because the incisions are made inside the mouth.

Will I lose buccal fat if I lose weight?

Unless you are losing more than 50 pounds, your buccal fat pads will remain largely the same.

Can I get buccal fat removal when I am in my twenties?

Yes, but you risk appearing gaunt as you get older. The face usually continues to slim down in your twenties and early thirties, so you will want to have a thorough discussion with an experienced surgeon to see if buccal fat removal is right for you.

Is buccal fat removal permanent?

Buccal fat removal is usually permanent and rarely requires repeat surgery in the future.

Who performs buccal fat removal at Riverside Oral Surgery?

All of our oral surgeons are experienced in facial fat removal. We perform the surgery at all ten office locations for our patient’s convenience. Get in touch with our office or use our simple online appointment request form to learn more about buccal fat removal.

Ready To Restore A More Youthful Appearance?

Book an Online Appointment or Call an office near you. Our friendly and caring staff are here to assist you with any questions.