Otoplasty (Ear Pinning Surgery)

Are you or your child self-conscious of ears that produce too much, are oversized, or misshapen? These conditions may be due to trauma or a congenital condition. Otoplasty or ear pinning surgery can correct these issues and give patients a boost of self-confidence from their enhanced appearance.

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery focuses on changing the external ear’s appearance, size, or position to align it with facial proportions and create a more aesthetic appearance. Ear surgery is performed under general sedation and can take between two and three hours, depending on the severity of the problem and the results you want to achieve. Many parents opt to have ear surgery performed on their children with prominent defects or cauliflower ears to alleviate distress and other issues associated with these conditions.

Are Your Child's Ear Oversized or Do You Have Trauma To Your Ears?

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Who is a Good Candidate for Ear Surgery?

Anyone in good health who is distressed by the appearance of their ears may consider otoplasty for protruding, uneven, oversized, or cauliflower ears. Riverside Oral Surgery performs ear surgery on adults and children depending on the type of condition and the physical maturity of the patient.


Healthy children without current ear infections or life-threatening illnesses can have ear surgery as young as five. By this age, the cartilage in their ears is stable enough for surgical repair. Children must be old enough to follow directions from their doctor, cooperate with their care team, and, most importantly, be amenable to the procedure.

Adults and Teens

Healthy, non-smoking adults and teens without medical conditions that interfere with healing are good candidates for ear surgery. It is vital that adults and teens understand the procedure and what they can expect from it. Realistic goals are crucial for adults and teens.

What Can Ear Surgery Do for Me?

Ear surgery is performed for a variety of reasons. It can boost your confidence and enhance your appearance by addressing the abnormal formation of your ears. Having ears that are misshapen, prominent, or oversized can make you self-conscious. Correcting these issues can give you a new appearance and boost your self-esteem.

The most common procedure is ear pinning surgery. For adults or children with prominent ears that protrude out from the skull, ear pinning is performed to remove a portion of the back curve of the ear so that the ears can be placed closer to the head and “pinned” into place until the incisions heal.

Cauliflower ears are often the result of injuries that lead to the ear shriveling and folding in on itself, giving it the appearance of cauliflower. Surgery is performed to release the damaged cartilage and allow your surgeon to carefully sculpt the ear into the desired shape. A split or torn earlobe can be repaired as well.

Recovering from Ear Surgery

Recovery from ear pinning surgery and other types of otoplasty is relatively quick. After surgery, patients wear a head dressing for two days. After that, a light headband is worn for a week to hold the ears in the proper position for optimal healing. Patients continue to wear the headband at night for several weeks. Pain is relatively mild following the procedure and can generally be controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers.

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